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UPDATE: July 2022.  Coinpayments (paypal equivalent for crypto) payment platform has decided to discontinue business with USA customers.  Therefore, we still accept crypto but you'll have to send payments to an address that we will give you.  So in short, we'll do this the old fashion way.  Contact us if you'd like to pay with crypto and we will generate an address in which you can send to. 

3 Easy steps: First sign up with LocalCoinSwap, then fund your account through their various methods, and then you can transfer either Bitcoin or LTC in the equivalent amount, for example $325 USD is equivalent to 0.03 BTC currency exchange or whatever the exchange rate is to us at the coin address below.  Send funds to the address below. You may use coupon code coinpaymentonly to adjust pricing manually if it isn't already taken into account.

Their are several reasons why we like LocalCoinSwap in comparison to other Coin Exchanges.  Two of the reasons are that you can remain anonymous if you'd like and the second reason is that LocalCoinSwap is the only platfrom in the world to give 100% of the profit back to the crypto community.  Watch the video below to see how easy it is to pay in Crypto.

This is a unique product and contrary to what it looks, it's difficult to manufacturer and quality is good.

Yes, we will give you a discount depending on the amount you buy. Contact us and let's talk.

We provide long cable so you can toggle the switch from inside the car while in your drivers seat.

The term refers to the number of frame you'll get.  Some people may only need 1 Frame, Single, because they only need to mount it in the rear of their vehicle.  Some people need it for both the rear and front of their vehicle so they need to get Double frame.  On the remote for flipper style, there are 3 buttons.  Button A is to flip rear frame, Button B is to flip front frame and Button C is to flip both front and rear frames simultaneously.  Illustration may help:

singledouble frame

No, but if you are a bit handy and follow the installtion videos, it shouldn't be too bad, or get your friend or body shop to assist you.  It's as easy as installing a backup camera.  The product is ready to go, no assembly is needed.  The hardest part will be trying to route the cables to the front and rear of the car and find the crevices to fish the cables through.  Do a dry test install and make sure product is operational before you go through all the effort of routing the cables throughout your vehicle.  Because each vehicles is different in layout and build, it's hard to say whether it'll be easy to route the cable.  In our experience, fishing the cable through a Truck is very easy because a truck has plenty of spaces throughout the cabin.

Please ensure that your license plate size is within parameters so that it will fit the frame that you buy.  Please read description carefully and perhaps use the Quick Sizer tool to avoid incorrect fit.  If the product is Dead on Arrival, which is rare since it's tested before it's shipped, then within 14 days, return defective product back to us for a full refund. Customer will need to pay for shipping.

Before you order, check your local laws to make sure you are not violating it. There are international customers who have legitimate needs for this type of device. Some countries, they pay for time on the road because roads are congested so people can pay more to drive more on their congested roads. This device isn't really any different than for example a loud muffler which violates noise ordinances, license plate covers, tail light / head light covers, dark tinted driver window, performance modifcations that changes exhaust standards, and numerous other vehicle modifications, etc. It's up to the customer and how they use it which will determine whether their action is considered illegal. Like the previous examples, you can consider this as a novelty item much like the rest. We don't condone illegal use and encourage you to use this in a legal and respectful manner as to not ruin it for everyone else. Don't give the government a reason to ban a cool product. Let's stay cool.

Short answer, No.  Long answer:  We do not advertise anywhere and unlike all the Facebook ads where pretty much most ads are sold for very cheap and you never get the product, our product isn't cheap and we don't advertise on Facebook.   You can also tell that we do not use Shopify shopping cart system which all the rest of those scammers do when they setup a shop today and gone tomorrow because Shopify is easy to setup.  Lastly, we've been in business for a long time.  Use WhoIs lookup and you can verify that our licenseplateflipper.com domain has been in operation for a long time and we've been accepting PayPal for all that time.  If we were a scam, we would have been shutdown by PayPal a long time ago; but yet, our domain is still up and running and we contine to accept PayPal.  In any case, Paypal will protect the buyer; but you won't need them since you will receive the product you order.
The controller box (which should be near the driver and within your view) will have LEDs on them. There are 3 LEDs. 1 LED indicates that the unit is powered on. The other two LEDs corresponds to the front and rear of the frames. The LED can either be Red or Green. If Green, it's side A. If Red, it's side B.